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Create things that touch your heart, at a place where distinctive individuals come together.

We create exceptional design solutions and help find their value in the market.

'Vero'+'X'+'. '

Verox. is a word that was coined to describe the company’s concept.
It is based on the Italian word ‘vero’, meaning ‘essence’; ‘x’ for experience or intersection; and ‘.’ a dot, meaning one or an individual.
It includes an underlying message - a dot cannot express much in and of itself, but a collection of dots expands the range of expression exponentially.
The more dots come together, the clearer the picture of the underlying essence.

Company name
August 2019
Paid Up Capital
10,000,000 yen
President & CEO
Kengo Sakata


“We share with others our knowledge and resources from past experiences.We work together to design solutions for clients with a variety of needs.Our diversity is the basis of new design values. Those who visit Verox. learn, discuss and enjoy the experience with others.We enjoy the opportunity to meet new people, and strive to be a team others want to work with.”
By CEO. Kengo Sakata

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3-2-2minamiaoyamaMR Bld.7-floor, Minamiaoyama, Minato Ku, Tokyo To, 107-0062, Japan
TEL:+81-3-5413-8665      FAX:+81-3-5413-8664

CEO Profile

Kengo Sakata

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1967.At Ikuei College of Technology (Currently known as Salesian Polytechnic) I studied in Industrial Design.
At Mazda Motor Corporation’s Design Department I worked on development projects as an Interior Designer.
I then worked on parts development projects as a designer at 'WH', a Custom Motorbike Maker.
Following on from this, I joined PHIARO Co., Ltd., a major company supporting design development as Executive / General Manager / Chief Design Officer.
Here I worked on supporting design development projects for car, motorbike, and consumer products, winning the Good Design Award 2009 from the New Collaboration Support Program of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
In August 2019 I launched Verox. Inc. as President & CEO.

What We Do

Product Design

Consumer Product Design,
Furniture&Interior Design,
Packaging Design

3D Modelling Design

3D Digital Modelling / Rendering,
Computer Graphics,
Animation and Visual Effects Creation

Graphic Design

Graphic Design,Web Design,
UI/UX Design,CI,Logo,
Character Design,


Design Strategies / Proposals,
Bridge connection service
Event Planning / Managing


Product (Prototype / Production) Development,
Startup Brand Development

Salon de VEROX.

Enjoy sharing in the process of creation and the open exchange of ideas. Come visit us to explore the exciting opportunities only available here at Verox.

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